The Teachers As Scholars (TAS) program provides teachers and administrators the opportunity to become students again. Teachers gather with colleagues from neighboring school districts to study, discuss, and reflect upon scholarly issues with Notre Dame professors. 

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What is a Teachers as Scholars (TAS) seminar?

  • Two-day seminar on the campus of the University of Notre Dame
  • 9am to 3:30pm seminar with an hour long lunch break
  • Member shool districts partner with the University to provide seminars to their teachers and administrators at no cost to the participant.
  • Upon approval from supervisors, schools provide substitute teachers.
  • Teachers earn 15 Professional Growth Points (PGP) for attending both seminars, which includes preparatory reading for the seminar.
  • All seminars are designed to offer engaging, participatory experiences.
  • Teachers are encouraged to sign up for seminars on topics that interest them, regardless of the grade level or content area they teach or their administrative focus.

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            For more information, please see our latest “Annual Report”.

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